Shaheen's Secret

The Shaheen’s Secret story begins in the spring of 2010 from the tradition Taj House of Shaheen Hidayatullah. Shaheen’s Secret is a cosmetic company which has many strengths potential to be very successful. Shaheen was welcomed in the Royal Muslim Darbar family of Dasada.

She lives with her husband Hidayatullah Shaikh. Hidayatullah manufactures and distributes sherbets which is flavoured syrup for non-carbonated soft drink known as Taj Sharbat, a 28 years old popular sherbet joint.

Shaheen is a passionate cook, Mom of 3 school age active kids, and over all a curious person that tries to learn something new every day. My parents ingrained in me early on that perfect score are always something to strive for. I want to win & want to succeed no matter what.

According to shaheen life fulfilling work is never about the money when you feel true passion for something, you instinctive find ways to prove it.

Knowing is not enough We must apply Wishing is not enough We Must Do

Seeking an alternative to cosmetic as everyone is sceptical before putting just new products on their faces, hair or skin. Shaheen created her own blend of Halal/Vegan cosmetic options that are full of varieties yet free from pork delivered gelatine, keratin and collagen, alcohol and cruelty free ingrediant.

The products that have most success are fast and easy for public to use. Among her family and friends Shaheen’s Secret became famous for their uniquely refreshing flavour and aroma. The growing demand of these products led her to bring Shaheen’s Secret to everyone. Every successful women needs a supportive husband. My husband has been corner stone of support that has allowed me to progress my career.

– Says Shaheen.

Shaheen’s Desk

Never be Too busy to be Beautiful.

The most beautiful in this would according to me is to see our parents smiling and knowing that we are the reason behind that smile. Welcome to new era of cosmetic flavours that delights your complex and beauty naturally. Dedicated and passionate about cosmetics and beauty therapy industry. It requires long hour of hand work to progress through qualifications and skill and beautician needs for success. Shaheen believes that culinary herbs are natural way to add real flavour and enhance any cosmetic products. For centuries herbs have been prized for their calming stimulating and aphrodisiac quantities

Shaheen’s Secret harnesses the power of – these natural wonders in a delightfully refreshing aromatic feel. We are the only company that uses mainly fruits, vegetables and minerals in our products. We are pleased to after our customer’s a rich tradition of cosmetics blends. Also we have staffs who know exactly what all of our ingredients do and they help the customer if they need any help or have any questions. Our store is also unique under every product ingredient in the store there is description below what it can do to help your skin and make it lustre.

Shaheen’s Secret is the national originally certified halal/vegan cosmetic product made with all organic ingredients. I personally insist to use our products refer to friends & other your suggestions always welcome Thanks.